Pope Francis: be open to the Gospel and to God’s surprises

Pope Francis on Monday said Christian freedom is to be found in the […]

1_0_765640Pope Francis on Monday said Christian freedom is to be found in the docility of God’s Word. Speaking during his homily at morning Mass in Casa Santa Marta, the Pope said we must always be ready to welcome the message of the Gospel and the surprises that God has in store for us.

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God’s word is alive and full of strength, it discerns the sentiments of the heart, but we must be open to receive it. Speaking to those present for morning Mass in the Vatican, the Pope highlighted the need to really welcome the message of the Gospel with an attitude of docility and openness.

The Gospel – the Pope said – doesn’t just tell us the things we want to hear. It is alive and strong and full of nevelty; God’s Word – he continued – is “free” and full of surprises because “our God is the God of surprises, of the Revelation”.

And Pope Francis urges us to be malleable and docile. He said we must ask ourselves whether we adapt ourselves to the novelties of the Gospel. – Or do we process the message until it becomes something different to what God wants it to be?

And the Pope reflected on the first reading in which the prophet Samuel reprimands King Saul for not obeying the voice of the Lord and for attempting to justify his disobedience by masking his greed with generosity. The Pope said it is important is to have a docile and obedient heart, listening to the voice of the Lord and doing what He commands us to do so that in obeying Him, we share in His life and love. And this he – continued – leads us to reflect on the true meaning of Christian “freedom” and of Christian “obedience”, both of which – he said – are to be found in the Word of God and in the courage to really be open to his message.

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