Cement Campaign: Concrete Gesture

The campaign invites all devotees of the Eternal Father to commit themselves to the building of the New Sanctuary.

PrintThe Association of Children of the Eternal Father (Afipe) launched the Cement Campaign so that the devotees can get even more committed to the construction of the New Sanctuary. It is an extra strength, a way to actively participate. The work seeks to involve all the sons and daughters of the Eternal Father in this extra help for the New Father’s Home.

The construction needs to advance and the structure requires hard work. In almost two years, the work underwent significant steps such as earthworks and underground foundations. Now, slabs and pillars are being upraised and day after day devotees may see the New Sanctuary growing upwards. All work will be then more visible.

This is an important phase and it needs a significant amount of material to make the concrete. So that it does not stop we all need to join this endeavor. “It’s a great work and it needs our effective commitment to actually happen. It cannot stop! We’re talking about God, the Divine Eternal Father,” said the rector of the Basilica Sanctuary of the Divine Eternal Father, Father Robson de Oliveira.

The extra donations refer to the price of the cement and will be converted into concrete for the work’s foundations. According to Father Robson de Oliveira, everyone must take part, gather more people to help and strive for a common good: the New Sanctuary of the Divine Eternal Father. “Beside your important monthly donation, try and gather people from your neighborhood, family and admirers of this work of evangelization so then we, together, can take a leap in the construction of the New and Definitive Father’s Home” he invites.

Workers of the Eternal Father

All are workers of the Eternal Father in this endeavor. As the passage says in Matthew (9:38): “Pray therefore the Lord of the harvest sends out laborers to His harvest.” Workmen are not only those who provide their services on a daily basis in the work field “putting their hands into the dirt.” The worker is also the one that engages in the construction donating, promoting and participating in the work until the very end. And we all can be workers, just open up your heart and help, and invite more people to engage in this work too.

 How to participate

Starting this month the extra contribution can be made through a bank billet sent along with the letters of Father Robson arriving to members of Afipe. The money amount corresponds to bags of cement. In there you will find information on how to make your donation for the construction.

You can also join online. Anyone can work through this portal (, and surf the hot site of the New Sanctuary, which brings everything about the Cement Campaign – Concrete Gesture and donation options. It’s easy and totally secure.

Devotees can also support the Cement Campaign disclosing the information to family, neighbors and friends. “Invite others to cooperate with us in this endeavor of love and faith. With generosity we will serve our God even further and we shall soon see His Home ready,” says Father Robson de Oliveira.

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