The implementation of the New Sanctuary

The Cement Campaign seeks to extra strengthen the construction, with participation of the Workers of the Eternal Father

Destaque_Obra_09_02_14After nearly two years of work, the construction of the new Sanctuary of the Divine Father Eternal in Trindade (GO) reaches the stage of the concrete structures. It is a step that requires a significant amount of concrete and needs even more the cooperation of the devotees. For this, the Association of Children of the Eternal Father (Afipe) launched the Cement Campaign so that devotees get engaged in the construction.

The present stage is one of the most important in relation to what is being built, according to the engineer of the Constructor responsible for the work, Higor Siqueira, “It is like the skeleton of the Sanctuary. This concrete, along with the frame and the prestressing make the reinforced and prestressed concrete. It already starts to position the Sanctuary and defines its shapes, and this is what will support the loads, which is the amount of believers who will be on it in the future and also the building of the New Sanctuary itself.”

The engineer explained that this phase begins with the installation of shoring, formwork, frame and the passage of the prestressing cables, “The concrete will give final shape to the Sanctuary. After this and the removal of the formwork, we will see it take shape.” Says Higor Siqueira.

It is the effective and genuine participation of every devotee that makes the construction of the New and Definitive Father’s Home move forward. A work that only happens because of the love that binds the family of the sons and daughters of the Eternal Father, “It’s a great work and it needs our effective commitment to actually happen” says the rector of the Basilica Sanctuary of the Divine Eternal Father, Father Robson de Oliveira.

The campaign is an invitation to all who believe in this work of evangelization to participate. According to Father Robson are all Workers of the Father’s Home and as such, we are all collaborators: “Help mobilize people to actively participate in this phase of the construction.”


Starting this month, the extra contribution can be made through a bank billet that goes inside the letters sent by Father Robson to members of Afipe. Values ​​correspond to bags of cement. There you will find information on how to make your extra donation for the construction.

You can also join online. Anyone can work visit the portal ( of the New Sanctuary, which brings everything about the Cement Campaign – Concrete gesture and donation options. It’s easy and totally secure.

Devotees can also support the Cement Campaign disclosing it to family, neighbors and friends, “Invite others to cooperate with us in this endeavor of love and faith. This generosity will serve our God even further and we shall soon see His Home ready,” says Father Robson de Oliveira.

Follow the construction

To follow the progress of the New Sanctuary’s construction, the devotee can go to the chapel built next to the field to work. The site is open from 8 am to 18 pm and has received, daily, people from various parts of Brazil.

You can still visit the New Father’s Home from anywhere in the world. Here in the portal, the hotsite, you can track in real time, watching the images from cameras installed in the building. A TV set in the Secretariat at the Sanctuary Basilica also transmits all images straight from work.

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