New Father’s Home: two years of construction

Join the Cement Campaign and contribute to the progress of this work of faith and love

AFIPE_CAMPANHA-DO-CIMENTO_HOTSITE_DESTAQUE_ENThe construction of the New and Definitive Father’s Home in Trindade (GO) completes this April two years of hard work and commitment. With each passing day the New Sanctuary is growing more and we can already see part of the structure that will best host the devotees who visit the Capital of the Faith in Goiás, in a quest of the love of the Divine Eternal Father.

From the beginning, the project has undergone important steps such as drilling and site preparation, drainage, earthworks and underground foundations where the ossuary and a chapel will be built. Currently the stage is concrete slab and foundation of the pillars of the earthen square, which will ensure the sustainability of the whole basis of the rest of the work.

The pillars that have been raised already provide a better view of the whole structure of the work. “These pillars will support our upper square, which has a circular shape and will support the church, which has the shape of a Greek cross. These pillars, which are concreted in this step, draw the outline of the cross. We will make the foundation of all the other pillars, which support the upper square and the church as well,” explains the architect responsible for designing the New Basilica, Cynara Siqueira.

This is just one of the phases of the complex construction of the New Sanctuary, that will sustain an underground floor, an earthen square and an upper square, besides the very building of the church. The forecast is for ten years of construction, two of which have already been fulfilled. However, no date has been set so that all work is completed, since the project depends entirely on donations from devotees.

Cement Campaign

All the planning of the construction provides the use of a large amount of concrete. Thinking about the good progress of the work, the Association of Children of the Eternal Father (Afipe) launched the Cement Campaign in February: Concrete gesture, so that devotees from all over the country can help with extra donations that counts as cement bags.

It is the effective and genuine participation of every devotee that makes the construction of the New and Definitive Father’s Home go further. This is a work that only evolves thanks to the love that binds the family of the sons and daughters of the Eternal Father. “It’s an enormous work that requires our effective commitment to actually happen,” says the rector of the Sanctuary Basilica of the Divine Eternal Father, Father Robson de Oliveira.

A devotee from Mirabela (MG), Clotildes Francisca da Rocha, gives her contribution to the construction of the New Father’s Home. “I will continue to help, I want to know the building and I am sure that the New Sanctuary will be very beautiful and much bigger and better to receive many people,” she said.

Euripedes Balçanor is also a collaborating devotee from Goiânia (GO): “I help whenever I can, and now I help even more because of the construction of the New Sanctuary, which is being built in Trinidad. I want to contribute to this work.”

Join the Campaign

Extra donations can be made via bank billet, that arrive to the Afipe associates within letters sent monthly by Father Robson; or also through the portal of the Eternal Father, accessing the hotsite of the New Sanctuary, where you can find all the information regarding the status of the works in Trinidad and the Cement Campaign: Concrete gesture.

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