Social Work: work of faith and evangelization

With the support of the Association of Children of the Eternal Father (Afipe), the institutions seek to improve and expand their service.

DESTAQUE_OBRAS_SOCIAIS_14_04_2014On a daily basis there are children, youngsters, adults and seniors with low income or in socially vulnerable situations receiving care in community centers supported by the Association of Children of the Eternal Father (Afipe). All entities play social function and evangelizing mission.

The units also offer dental and psychological care; educational workshops, guidance on the prevention of drug use, aid to studies, welcoming the elderly and vocational courses. Devotees, volunteers and employees work and contribute to the cultivation of faith and access to education, health, culture, sport, leisure and food, which ensures a better quality of life to all these people.

The director of Redemptorists Social Works, Father Reinaldo Martins, comments about the benefits that the units offer: “It’s a deed that has been working just fine and has also changed the lives of many people and many families, from the child to the elderly, providing a new chance for each one assisted in our works”.

In all these works, the love of the Divine Eternal Father always comes first. The rector of the Sanctuary Basilica of the Divine Eternal Father, Father Robson de Oliveira says that the change in people’s lives on the social aspect can happen in different ways. According to him, social work also brings people to God and makes them happier in this world.

“Social work is not only that which fills the belly or welcomes a person into a social center. Social work also happens when we talk to people and we help them to integrate in life so that they see themselves as sons of God, as members of a family, as needed conversion, loved by the Divine Eternal Father”, he adds.


This year, two Redemptorist Social constructions started their service with the new structures and new workshops for the assisted community. The big news is that the headquarters of the Center for Education and Training Support for Minor (CECAM) began to work alongside the Social Center Eternal Father (CESPE), in Trindade (GO).

With the junction, some structures such as indoor sports court, swimming pool, auditorium and rooms where courses are conducted became common use places. Daily in the new swimming pool, water aerobics for adults and swimming lessons for children enrolled in the works have been successful. Altogether there are 180 people enrolled in the activities.

The daily home worker Maria de Lourdes Matos Ribeiro, assisted by CESPE, participates in water aerobics classes and affirms her satisfaction. “It is a wonderful initiative. It will heal my back pain. It has already got better!”, she celebrates.

Judo, capoeira, soccer, volleyball, sewing workshops, crafts, theater, music, English classes and other school support arrangements are also offered for those treated with the goal of combining learning, leisure and evangelization.

According to the coordinator of these Social Works, Lucélia Bueno, the goal of the junction between these two entities is to serve adolescents with more comfort, providing more space to perform activities, enabling better work.

Also maintained by the Redemptorists with the support of Afipe, the Redemptorist Social Centre (CSR), located in Setor Pontakayana in Trindade, currently serves about 180 youngsters with the mission to welcome, assist and evangelize primarily through faith and love towards the Eternal Father.

In Trindade, the Vila Cottolengo, which is a home for about 345 patients with various disabilities; in Goiânia (GO), the House of Child and Adolescent Talitha Kum, a women’s shelter for children and youngsters at risk; and the Living Center Our Lady of Perpetual Help, which serves the elderly; not to mention the Family Agriculture School of Uirapuru in the countryside of Goiás, are other Social Works all maintained by the Redemptorist Congregation and supported by Afipe.


This year, CESPE celebrates its tenth year of existence. In January they launched the commemorative stamp “CESPE – 10 years” and throughout the year various activities comprise a festive schedule.

In the countryside, the Family Agriculture School of Uirapuru (EFAU) also celebrates ten years of existence in 2014. The organization provides housing, studies and professional training in thecountryside to 75 students nowadays. This year, two new accommodation blocks are under construction, through the means of Afipe. Last year, dormitories, classrooms, kitchen, dining room, recreation area and outdoor area were built.

Other Social Works

Beside the Redemptorists Social Centers, other institutions providing social care receive support from Afipe through partnerships with entities. They are: the Center for Community Education of Girls and Boys (Cecom); Pius XII Home and the Polyvalent Association Saint Joseph, institutions for children and young adolescents that provide many social services in the fields of education, health, sport, culture and leisure.

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