The Afipe has been evangelizing for ten years

The work of Afipe searches the propagation of the faith and love of the Divine Eternal Father

DESTAQUE_AFIPE_10_ANOS_02The Association of Children of the Eternal Father (Afipe) celebrates in 2014, its ten year anniversary of existence. Since 2004, the organization has developed a work of spreading the faith for thousands of people. To gather devotees from around the country through the love for the Divine Eternal Father is a dream coming true.

In all these years, the work of Afipe expanded and currently the Association has a team in the service of the sons and daughters of the Eternal Father, who become associates and have their donations reverted to evangelization through the media, the Social Work support, the maintenance of the holy temples and the construction of New and Definitive Father’s Home.

According to the rector of the Sanctuary Basilica of the Divine Eternal Father and President of Afipe Father Robson de Oliveira, the Association, through evangelization, creates a group of people who associate and unite for the same intent, collaborating and praying in a chain of faith, love and devotion.

“Faith without work is dead. So the work of God becomes real in a concrete way when we become generous, when we become people who collaborate, people who care for the things of God and give a little of what we have to make all of this happen. None of this would happen if it weren’t for Afipe. Therefore, it is a great tool for everything to happen,” he says.


It is through Afipe that devotees can accompany the TV, radio and portal the daily novenas, rosaries and the masses of the Eternal Father. All the evangelizing work is also presented in the media and other channels such as printed materials and social networks. The main goal is to spread the faith and devotion.

Evangelization is also made through the Social Works. Most are developed by the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer in Goiás. However, there are also those social works administered by other institutions. In general, social organizations supported by Afipe serve children, youngsters, adults and seniors, with various educational workshops, swimming, judo, soccer, capoeira, gymnastics, music, theater and dance, recreational activities, crafts, school support and professional courses.

For the director of Redemptorists Social Works in Goiás; Father Reinaldo Martins, there is a major challenge for the Redemptorists to maintain social work. “We have a great help from our partnering with Afipe. Every devotee of the Eternal Father, associated with Afipe, helps us to keep this social work alive. And sure, all that we have been expanding in the social care over the years we thank to this partnership, to the collaboration of every devotee, beloved sons and daughters of the Divine Eternal Father,” he explains.

Other work performed because of the devotees’ contribution is the construction of the New and Definitive Father’s Home in Trindade (GO). Every day the works have gone further and the New Sanctuary is gaining forms. All this is thanks to the collaboration of the devotees, as is the case of Ilda Alves de Souza, from Águas Formosas (MG). She says that she wants everyone to follow her example. “Everyone doing their part, the work goes on and on,” she says.

The devotee José Antonio Cerqueira, from Feira de Santana (BA), also makes the invitation: “It is a great work of God and it deserves that people assist it. Father Robson always sends me letters asking for my help and I want to help, I want to continue working until the very end. I hope God keeps on blessing me that I may be there to participate in the inauguration”.

The temples where pilgrims from all over the country are received is also maintained through the collaboration of devotees. The Sanctuary Basilica has undergone improvements. Currently, the Main Church is being restored with the help of the sons and daughters of the Eternal Father.

Other maintenance actions in temples and social works are developed through a partnership between the Association of Children of the Eternal Father and the Archdiocese of Goiânia.

Care to the associated

The host to associates is carried out through correspondence, traditional and electronic; by phone, through the call center of the Association; and through external service, conducted by staff that is available to assist the devotees at the Sanctuary Basilica. The information on Afipe can also be found here on the website of the Eternal Father.

How to become an associate

To become an associate of Afipe and contribute to the work of evangelization you must simply access the portal in Donations, make a new Register and submit your data.

You can also contact by phone: +55 (62) 3506 9800.

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