In the path of solidarity

After closing the first semester with a positive balance, the expectation now turns to the first pilgrimage of the Redemptorists Social Works

DESTAQUE_OBRA_SOCIAL_ROMARIA_TXT_13_06_2014Since the beginning of the year, the work has been intense in the Redemptorists Social Work. Projects that were in the experimental stage were consolidated, inaugurations took place, as well as improvement in the structure, as in the case of the Family School of Agriculture in Uirapuru. Also a new Social Work was assumed by Redemptorists. By July, more news can be expected.

The Family School in the municipality of Uirapuru (GO), was expanded. The unit, which serves more than 80 young people, received new kitchen, dining room and two rooms of dormitories. The construction of the library, the video room and a new wing of bedrooms is still in progress. The works are the result of a partnership with the Redemptorist Province of Goiás and the Association of Children of the Eternal Father (Afipe). The inauguration of the whole structure should happen in September.

In Trindade (GO), the Eternal Father Social Centre (CESPE) and the Educational and Training of Minors Support Center (CECAM) now work in the same place. The junction has brought many benefits. With the opening of the pool, water activities – swimming and water aerobics – were also open to the community, as well as dental care. Guitar lessons, keyboard, singing classes, judo and capoeira were implanted. Not to mention the courses that are increasingly consolidated: sewing, computer science, English and Italian. The auditorium is in the work that should be delivered in late July and the sports court should be delivered at the beginning of next month.

In celebration of 10 years of CESPE, various activities have been promoted. One of them is the Redemptorist Social Action. The first edition of the project took place in April at the institution. And another was held in May at Redemptorist Social Centre (CSR).

In CSR, the computer course brought the community into the Social Work. “This has made our work more valued and disclosed”, highlights the pedagogical coordinator Rosemary Alves de Oliveira.

In Goiânia (GO), the Family Center Our Lady of Perpetual Help serves more than 100 elderlies in water aerobics and around 80 in activities such as yoga, massage therapy, stretching and physical therapy, workshops on fabric, embroidery, crochet, flowers, biscuit and crafts in general. “The result of our work is seen in the eyes of the elderly, expressing with joy and excitement how the Family Center is good for them,” said the coordinator Sister Margarida Aparecida Pereira.

In the first half of 2014, the Talitha Kum Home of Child and Adolescent promoted graffiti workshops, crafts and dance. “The workshops have contributed a lot to the learning of the adolescents. They help in an educational sense, living in groups, space of the other, sharing, exchange, the differences and the outburst of their own history,” said the coordinator Sister Maria do Socorro Cardoso. The project will continue next semester with courses in computing, candle making, sales, etc.

And the big news this year is St. Clemente’s Redemptorist Social Center. The new Social Work undertaken by Redemptorist Province of Goiás is in Trindade and serves children from 2-6 years old full time. This semester, the children were visited by students of dentistry and biomedicine who underwent health care with oral examinations and prevention.

Pilgrimage of Solidarity

To thank the graces and blessings in the mission to do good. That is the purpose of the Pilgrimage of Solidarity, in the new schedule of the Feast of Trindade this year. “In order to raise awareness, respect, faith, love and solidarity that we are invited to make this pilgrimage,” says the director of Redemptorists Social Works, Father Reinaldo Martins.

The walk on the Highway of Pilgrims will be on July 2, Wednesday, and will include the participation of employees, participants and partners of Redemptorists Social Works. The output is at 3pm from the Clover of Goiania. At 8pm, the pilgrims will attend the Solemn Novena at the Sanctuary Basilica.

Besides the Pilgrimage of Solidarity, a booth of the Social Work will be set in front of the Church of Trindade. “We will have many materials produced in the Social Centers which may be purchased as souvenires of the Pilgrimage,” says the Redemptorist Missionary.


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