Visits and prayers for the New Father’s Home

Devotees are scheduled to know the works of the New Sanctuary Pilgrimage during 2014.

DESTAQUE_VISITA_E_ORACAO_22_06_2014During this year’s pilgrimage to Trindade, which begins on 27 June and runs until July 6, devotees are able to enjoy seeing firsthand the works of the New and Definitive Father’s Home. The construction is growing day after day and it is already possible to have a dimension of the new temple. The visit to the chapel built in the gazebo next to the field to work is constant. Pilgrims from all over Brazil and even from other countries come to see the work and pray for the progress of the activities performed there.

The pilgrims who are ready for the Feast of the Divine Eternal Father are also scheduling to see the construction of the new church. This is the case of the devotee of São José dos Campos, Jandira da Conceição Oliveira. In the company of her husband and sister, she will come to Pilgrimage on a tour. The devout is following the construction of the New Sanctuary by the internet and she is excited to see it up close. “The pilgrims are happy to know that we will go to the New Sanctuary.”, she says.

Retired lady Rene Resende dos Santos, who lives in Oliveira (MG), is a devout and is coming to the festival with her family. This will be the third time she participates in the feast of Trindade. A visit to the construction site of the New Sanctuary is in the trip’s plans. For her, the construction is very important. “It’s a very good thing because it will be better to accommodate the pilgrims,” she says.

Cristina Agostine, from Francisco Beltrão (PR), is preparing for the festival and wants to visit the construction of the New Father’s Home for the first time. She comes with a group of 44 people. “We need that work. The Basilica is small for the number of devotees, especially during the festival.”, she said.

How to get there?

There are two paths that lead to the construction of the new Sanctuary of the Divine Eternal Father. For those already in Trindade, at the Sanctuary Basilica, just follow the Street Dom Pedro II. When you reach the traffic light, turn right and follow the Avenue Manoel Monteiro. On the first block, turn left into the Street Senhor do Bonfin. From there, a dirt road will take you to the place where the New Father’s Home is being built.

Devotees coming from Goiania should take the GO-060, the Highway of Pilgrims. After 17 km, at the clover that gives access to the entrance of Trindade, just do it like if you are returning to the capital. In this way, signposts on the right indicate the path to the chapel. After walking about 600 meters on a dirt road, a crossroad shows two accesses. One of them is on the left and is specific to machines and workers. The one on the right leads to the chapel. The site is open daily from 8am to 6pm.

The foundations of the earthen square have already been built

The slab that covers the undergraund area of the New Sanctuary is now complete. Beside it two ramps and six stairs that give access to the ossuary were finalized. With this, the work in building the New and Definitive Father’s Home follows to the step of the foundation of the earthen square. According to the engineer in charge, Fernando Arcanjo, this phase has a unique importance. “This is going to transmit to the soil the loads of the pillars and slab of the next phase,” he explains. These foundations will give stability to the sets of beams, slab and the whole work.

It is expected that these foundations are finalized by October. From there, the pillars begin to be assembled and the New Sanctuary and the square shape can be seen by the devotees. “The work will be seen as a whole. The devotees will have a dimension of size and volume of the building,” says the engineer.

The Cement Campaign

The Cement Campaign continues and needs the help of the sons and daughters of the Divine Eternal Father. It is through this collaboration that it becomes possible to proceed with the construction of the new sanctuary.

Extra donations, referring to amounts of a bag of cement, can be made through the payment slip sent monthly through the letters of Father Robson de Oliveira or through the internet, at the portal of the Eternal Father .

Devotees tell us what it is and how to be a Worker of the Eternal Father:

Maria do Socorro Torres Queiroz – Goiânia (GO)

“It’s great for everyone to help. Not only me but whoever can help. If everyone could help more, it would be much better. But I think if each associate gives a bag of cement, it is already a lot. Therefore, the Cement Campaign is very valid.”

Adenylate Vieira – Uberlandia (MG)

“Being a Worker is to be involved with the Association of Children of the Eternal Father somehow. At this time, to contribute to the construction of the New Father’s Home is very important.”

Klesia Vasconcelos – Gameleira (PE)

“It means to be brothers embracing this moment with our contribution. The greatest blessing that a human being can receive is to be Children of the Eternal Father.”

Lucimere Guimarães – Ponta Grossa (PR)

“It is to help to spread the love of the Eternal Father, and to contribute to the construction of the New Father’s Home.”

Mara Almeida Souza – Salvador (BA)

“Each one donating what they can, soon we will have the New Father’s Home. Let’s help!”

Vilma Isabel Machado – Porto Bello (SC)

“I feel like a Worker of this work, because even from a distance I can help, with God’s grace.”

Marlene Lepaus – Cariacica (ES)

“Literally putting your hands into the dirt. It is contributing to the construction of a part of the Kingdom of God!”

Malu Furlan – Araras (SP)

“It is working to disseminate this wonderful work by inviting all our friends to join this New and Definitive Father’s Home campaign. I am a devout and a Worker of the Eternal Father.”

Maria Fatima Caldas da Mota – Mossoró (RN)

“It’s being a part of building the Lord’s work in the New Father’s Home. It means to evangelize.”


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