Cardinal Parolin in Mexico to tackle migration issues

The Vatican’s Secretary of State is in Mexico to discuss issues related to […]

AFP3387622_ArticoloThe Vatican’s Secretary of State is in Mexico to discuss issues related to emigration, “A huge challenge – “he says – which is currently facing the entire human family”.

Cardinal Pietro Parolin arrived in Mexico City on Sunday to participate in a seminar entitled “Colloquium Mexico-Holy See on International Migration and Development”.

In an address today to the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, Parolin emphasized the fact that the Vatican considers the issue of migration as an extremely important one, and appreciates the efforts made by Mexico, both at a national and at an international policy level.

Parolin specifically mentioned the Mexican Immigration Reform that was ratified in 2011 and its underlying principles that uphold the rights of immigrants.

He said the Church supports policies which protect the dignity and rights of all migrants. And, from a pastoral point of view, Parolin expressed the Pope’s gratitude for the many initiatives the Mexican government has embraced in aid of migrants and in the effort to meet their needs.

The aim of the seminar is to find ways to coordinate a joint programme between the Mexican government and the Holy See, on the issue of migration. During the meeting participants will exchange ideas and identify areas of interest on issues related to international migration, social inclusion, human rights, respect for the dignity of migrants and the contribution of migration to the development of the countries of origin and destination.

Parolin’s schedule includes meetings with the Mexican Foreign Minister, with federal authorities and lawmakers, and with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

The Vatican Secretary of State was invited by President Peña Nieto during his official visit to the Vatican last June. It is an occasion to continue working on a shared agenda, especially in multilateral fora, and to make the protection of individuals, their welfare and development into a core issue.

The seminar comes at a time during which the Mexican government is dealing with a humanitarian crisis which sees thousands of migrant children traveling alone to the United States.

All Central American countries are reportedly involved in this forced exodus, and the Catholic Church is in the forefront of the nation’s humanitarian response as almost all hostels for migrants in Mexico are run by Catholic organizations.

An official Mexican communiqué states that Mexico and the Holy See established diplomatic relations in 1992 and work in coordination on various issues of common interest, on the basis of mutual respect.

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