Devotees approve and are very satisfied with the Pilgrimage in 2014

A research shows satisfaction of almost 100% regarding the Pilgrimage in 2014. Other evaluated data are also positive.

DESTAQUE_PESQUISA_RODOVIA_08_08_14-300x201A survey performed by the Verus Institute proved the good evaluation of devotees regarding the Pilgrimage of the Divine Eternal Father held between 27th of June and 6th of July 2014, when 2.8 million people passed through Trindade (GO). The degree of approval reached 99.9% in 2014, with 51.1% of the pilgrims saying they were very satisfied and 48.8% satisfied. In 2013, the overall rate was already 99.6%.

Another positive aspect of the evaluation was about the appearance and preservation of the Basilica Sanctuary of the Divine Eternal Father. The degree of satisfaction rose from 92.4% in 2011 to 97.3% in 2014. The same assessment was made on the external square of the Sanctuary, which had 89.5% approval this year.

Interviewed by Eternal Father Web Portal during the festival, the devotee Maria do Carmo from Minas Gerais, said she noticed a difference after years without visiting Trindade: “I was here ten years ago and it was very different. The Basilica is beautiful. When I walked in here I felt something special, it’s a relief and some sort of rest, it is really a peace of mind.”

About the masses at the Sanctuary Basilica this year, 95.8% of the pilgrims positively evaluated them according to the survey. The majority, 71.8%, consider the celebrations as great and 24% as good.

DESTAQUE_PESQUISA_MISSA_SANTUARIO_08_08_14-300x201Asked about what they most liked in the Pilgrimage in 2014, 64.2% responded “the masses”. The religious environment, the devotion, the faith of the people and the visitation to the churches were also amongst the most cited responses.

According to the pilgrim Leonor Gonçalves Ramos, from Barrinha (Sao Paulo), who was also interviewed by Eternal Father Web Portal, all the effort to get to the sanctuary and watch the celebrations was worth it. “It was wonderful. We have received blessings here and I feel blessed and protected”, she said.

Another index that draws attention in the research of Verus Institute is in relation to the Pilgrims Highway, which showed satisfaction from 89.4% of the devotees in 2014, against 60.7% in 2011. 

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