Social Works: news in the second semester

A sportive project and new musical equipment complement service to children, youngsters, adults and seniors citizens.

DESTAQUE_OBRA_SOCIAL_01_08_14-300x201The second semester of attendance at the Redemptorist Social Works has many new features, such as learning, fun and social integration to the citizens. According to the educational coordinator of Social Works, Lucélia Bueno, the Social Centers work with semiannual planning, which ensures a proper conduct and evaluation of daily activities.

“In August we have worked with the Family; in September, the Month of the Bible; October, the Missions; November, Advent; and in December, the arrival of Jesus. Within these themes there will be developed all educational activities”, she said.

One of the news of the semester is the sports project Minor Training and Support Educational Center (CECAM), which will begin with the new gymnasium of the unit. And in the venue, it will be offered Futsal (indoors soccer practice) and Volleyball activities.

The coordinator said that the intention of the project is to take the young children over the age of 13 years old off the streets: “The other news is that the prevention of licit and illicit drugs will also be addressed by the project through lectures and educational activities,” she added.

At the other social centers; the pedagogical recreational activities, crafts, theater, dance, English and Italian classes, music, computers, sewing, gymnastics, swimming, psychological care, dental care, catechesis and group living with their mothers follow as planned.

DESTAQUE_OBRA_SOCIAL_TXT_01_08_14-300x201The director of the Social Works, Father Reinaldo Martins, told the news: “We have acquired more equipment, instruments for musical activities at the Eternal Father Social Center (CESPE) and CECAM, where the auditorium is almost finished. This semester we will be able to complete it”, he said.

Also according to the director, all the subjects managed in the Social Work prioritize evangelism. “We are within the communion of the Church; we are working within the theme that the Church proposes. The social work can only be successful if we make it with faith, then we combine our faith with social work to become the continued mission of Jesus nowadays”, he concluded.

Ten years of Efau

In the following calendar of celebrations of the 10th year anniversary of Uirapuru Family Agricultural School (EFAU), it is scheduled for the second semester, between 11th and 14th of September, the Redemptorist Social Action in the school. In the same month the new structures of dormitories will be inaugurated, and it certainly contributes to a better accommodation of the youngsters involved in the Work.



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