Campaign ‘Donate by Faith’ raffles car blessed by the Pope

The winner is from Paraiba (PB). Afipe and the Archdiocese of Rio promoted action to help pay off the debts of World Youth Day.

DESTAQUE_SORTEIO_DO_CARRO_2015_01_05_003The Association of Sons of the Eternal Father (Afipe) has started 2015 with the delivery of one of the cars used and blessed by Pope Francisco during World Youth Day (WYD) held in July 2013 in Rio de Janeiro. The winner of Fiat Bravo vehicle was the devotee Anilda Alves Martins, from Patos (PB). “I almost fainted when they called me with this wonderful news. I was so nervous and excited that I could not even speak, passed the phone to my daughter. I have been part of the campaign because my heart asked me to help this good cause. I donated little, but it was what I could, because I am unable to give more. I am very grateful to the Eternal Father for this award, it came in a good time. I also thank the Pope Francisco and Father Robson. I was very, very happy indeed!” Said the housewife of 45 years old, associated with Afipe since 2011.

The result was published in the Eternal Father program this Wednesday, January 7th. The video and all information is also available on this website and in the Eternal Father YouTube channel. In addition to presenting Talitta Di Martino, the raffle was made with the special presence of the actor Anderson Di Rizzi. He and his family are devotees of the Divine Eternal Father.

Also present an audit of UniQue Consulting and Audit. Could compete only those who were already associated with Afipe and made donations to the Campaign Donate by Faith through a bank billet sent in a letter until the date of December 15, 2014.

The action aimed to contribute to the settlement of past debts of World Youth Day. The Archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro and the Pope Francisco presented him the sons and daughters of the Eternal Father, associated with Afipe, with one of the cars used in the WYD.

DESTAQUE_SORTEIO_DO_CARRO_JMJ_2015_01_05_006The Journey and the Campaign

Faithful and young people from all around the world participated in the largest Catholic party in the world: the World Youth Day. The event was a unique experience for all who participated and engaged so that everything went as well as possible. However, unexpectedly, the rains caused some unforeseen situations and the Archdiocese of Rio, along with the organizing committee of WYD, had to transfer the entire structure and prepare the Copacabana beach for more pilgrims.

“Of course it brought a whole investment imbalance. The Archdiocese of Rio has done all the work to be able to really settle all needs and take on this beautiful project, we know that everyone worked together and collaborate to really be able to make this journey be a beautiful thing. And also to see that the fruits may continue growing in the hearts of the young people”, said the Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, Cardinal Don Orani Tempesta.

In an attempt to help cover these investments and maintain the projects of the Church in Brazil, Afipe joined the Campaign Donate by Faith. “When we receive from the Holy Father and from the Vatican team some vehicles that the Pope used or that the team used, we asked the sons and the Eternal Father for their collaboration. That through Afipe and those cars which are significant to us, it could be a help to continue paying off investments of the Day”, pointed Don Orani.

DESTAQUE_SORTEIO_DO_CARRO_FAMILIA_2015_01_05_003Faith and Devotion

The Eternal Father devotee and grateful for a grace received in the life and health of his mother, Anderson Di Rizzi was in Goiás with his family for a special appearance in the raffle and to visit the Basilica Sanctuary of the Divine Eternal Father, in Trindade (GO).

“In 2012, my mother had a hemorrhagic stroke and her condition was very serious. I started doing the Novena of the Sons of the Eternal Father with my father. Every day i took holy water to the hospital and say a prayer with her. On the seventh day, she left the UTI (Intensive Care Unit) and, thank God, very well. At the end of the Novena, she already went home, without any sequel. Today, thanks to the Divine Eternal Father, she’s great, we are here and very happy. I wanted to thank everyone who participated in this action. For me it was a great pleasure to be here with you at this special time. Thanks to all the staff”, reported him during the raffle.


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