“May it be a year of many achievements and victories”, Father Robson

The new Provincial Superior of Goiás makes a positive assessment of 2014 and talks about plans and expectations for 2015.

DESTAQUE_ENTREVISTA_2014_12_29_001Father Robson de Oliveira, new Provincial Superior of the Redemptorists of Goiás, made a positive assessment of the work of evangelization of the Association of Sons of the Eternal Father (Afipe) in 2014; he highlighted the importance of the contribution of pilgrims to the construction of the New Home of the Father in Trindade (GO); spoke about the expectations for his new role as Provincial Superior of the Redemptorists of Goiás; and took the opportunity to wish all the sons of the Divine Eternal Father a year full of achievements, victories, faith and blessings in their lives.

The Association of Sons of the Eternal Father, Afipe, has turned 10 years of existence. It was a very special year. What balance do you make of the activities of Afipe in 2014?

It is a very positive balance, with so many dreams that came true, so many struggles undertaken, new challenges started. And the strongest of them: the construction of the New and Definitive Home of the Father, we are already building the pillars, there are hundreds of them and we hope that throughout 2015 we already have all this ready, and even beginning to construct the church body. In fact, there are too many projects. They all need to match somehow, one has to concatenate with the other so that through this harmonic environment we can start making budgets, to actually think out the job. This phase is now structural. It is very important, and this whole year we have worked on it, making foundations, the large base of the church, and now the pillars and then immediately we will go through a more visible phase. Many people look at it and think the work is not going by, but it’s because the foundations do not necessarily appear. How many hundreds of trucks have I personally seen being placed there, holes that will have their purpose, and that will become more apparent and important for the superstructure.

CAPELA_NOVO_SANTUARIO-12Can pilgrims continue visiting the work on the chapel?

Yes, there is a chapel next door, which was made for the pilgrims who come to Trindade, who pray with us. Not to mention that on the website you can follow the work live.

It is also important to note that the construction is happening thanks to the donation of every son and daughter of the Divine Eternal Father, is it not?

Oh if it hadn’t been our work together! The associated, the son of the Eternal Father, collaborate not only with the Novenas, the missionary work, evangelization and social works, because we also evangelize the most needy and make this work happen. The more people participate in this work actively, praying and working with what the heart inspires even more the Home of the Father gets ready. We have expectations that people will participate even more and 2015 will be a year of many blessings in this regard.

In 2014, there was also the work of evangelization through the media…

Yes, much work has been done along with RedeVida and also with the Eternal Father Network with radio, so we have been able to reach many hearts. We create alternative time so that people can pray the Novenas, so that everybody can pray. People who want to do the Novenas and the Holy Rosary have the opportunity to do so, also through the website. There are already a lot of people talking about how they pray in the Internet, and it is there for us, the Gospel, so that people can increasingly grow in faith and holiness.

DESTAQUE_FILHOS_PEREGRINOS__2014_11_11We saw in 2014 the Sanctuary Basilica always full of pilgrims from all over Brazil. What do you have to say about the growth of this devotion?

It is a very old devotion. Before we were out there for the world to know us, the devotion to the Divine Eternal Father was already there. It began in 1840, when the couple Constantino and Ana Rosa found the medallion and from there a series of phenomena took place, from the faith of the people in the Holy Trinity and Mary, our Mother crowned by the Trinity, consisting then the devotion to the Divine Eternal Father. So of course that in the midst of it all, as it expands through the media, many people come to know it and to take part in it. How important our work is for evangelization! It’s in that little bit that I offer, it’s is that prayer given at a time of faith, it is humility before the Lord. All of this provides the quality of our work of evangelization, the work kept by that evangelization for people that may or may not be present filling the sanctuary, but are able to fill their hearts.

Afipe supports many Social Works. How was this work to bring more hope to those in need? What assessment do you make of 2014 in this regard?

Very positive! We have Father Reinaldo, who is practically the organizer of the Social Works. To him is entrusted all this work, a man who tries to do everything possible to meet the most of the demands of the people in need, children, and families. All of it has taken an even stronger shape, because we are building an infrastructure to service and train these families. There are many things being provided because the sons of the Eternal Father are united in love and Faith.

How did you see the welcoming to the pilgrims who came from all over Brazil this year?

It was great. I think the pilgrimages were very well organized. There are many challenges that we still have to face, we are getting adapted to it. Trindade is not a city fully structured to the religious tourism, but it is to be so. We are organizing an environment for lectures, guidance and also to make art shows and give entertainment to the pilgrims who come to Trindade, which means comfort also provided by our evangelizing work.

DESTAQUE_ESPECIAL_17_10_2014Changing the subject a little bit, Father, you take over as the Provincial Superior of the Redemptorists of Goiás, on January 3rd, is it not? What is your expectation?

It is a great joy to have been chosen by the priests. It is by vote, it has no equal in the election campaign, and the priests chose Father Robson to be the Provincial Superior, to coordinate this group of more than 80 missionaries working throughout the Midwest. We are nine provincial units and vice-provincial and a mission region and here is one of them, here in the Midwest. I am very happy to have been chosen by the vast majority of our audience of priests. I hope that our work results in benefit of evangelization in the parishes, where we Redemptorists operate. I want to remember that the fact that I am now the Provincial Superior changes nothing in my life, my work with Afipe, with the TV, the Novenas. It will be the same, nothing changes. My mission is the same, with an added burden as it requires the strength and prayers of everyone so that I can carry on with it.

What can we expect for 2015?

Well, a lot of good things. I will not tell you now, but I have a very good thing to say from February. I want to tell an interesting little thing, we have a very strong participation of the people, especially regarding to the New Home of the Father. We continue our Cement Campaign, our work to build the Home of the Father, our work of evangelization as well. From the month of February with a new face, a new format, the Novenas renewed, and all the way we do better evangelization, always with the participation of our Catholic and non-Catholic public, it has many people who did not profess our Roman Catholic faith, but has such great admiration and manifest themselves in such a positive way, which even encourages us to continue a little longer

DESTAQUE_PROVINCIA_DE_GOIAS_2014_11_16What is the year-end message you can leave?

Father Robson de Oliveira: May Our Lady accompany your steps and that your work in evangelization be so very fruitful, let it return to your life in the form of blessings. You evangelize as you pray for us, pray with us, when we actively help. Always remember a sentence: God will provide. God cares for you, He is looking for you, He is for you. Always be in His presence, for He will never abandon you. May 2015 be a year of many achievements and victories. This is a word of faith for you. Then, a year of many achievements and you can win all the difficulties, all the pain, anguish, suffering, which are part of life, but when we have faith and we are with God, the Eternal Father, our lives are different, better. So for you and your family, the blessings of Merciful God, He who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. A happy 2015!


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