The construction of the New Sanctuary is in full swing

For 2015, the project provides the conclusion of the supporting structure of the church body.

DESTAQUE_MAOS_A_OBRA_2014_TXT_003_11_24In 2015, the construction of the New Sanctuary in Trindade (GO) will be completing three years of work. From the laying of the cornerstone in 2011, the project continues in full power and with hard work and commitment of the workers, the New Home of the Father earns more shape each day.

The year 2014 was of great advances for the construction. The foundations and the underground slab, as well as the execution of the external pillars and foundations, were some of the work performed. According to Fernando Arcanjo, member of the team of engineers responsible for the work of the New Sanctuary, the schedule for the year was met. “We are in day, there have been no delays,” he points out.

For this new year it is expected that the devotees will be able to see the structure of the New Home of the Father leaving the ground. “There are already more than 31 months of work with foundation, working with soil, with underground. For those who are not of engineering or architecture, is a little more complicated to deal with this expectation because, as we do, who is not inside, experiencing the work, cannot see the volume of work that has been done”, explains the engineer.


The construction in 2015 continues with the construction of the pillars, one of the most important steps, according to the Redemptorist Provincial Superior of Goiás and founding president of the Association of Sons of the Eternal Father (Afipe), Father Robson de Oliveira. In total, 473 pillars, which together with the outer slab, also expected this year, will support the church body.

“This is a structural phase. We are making foundations, the large base of the church, and now the pillars and then immediately we will begin the phase that makes everything more visible. Many people look and think the work is not going by, but it’s because the foundations do not appear. How many hundreds of trucks have I personally seen being placed there?, holes that will have their purpose, that are to be shown shortly, from the superstructure” said Father Robson.

Also according to Fernando Arcanjo, the plans for 2015 are to surprise the rowers: “By the end of 2015 we want to present the work with a completely different face, with an actual true face. We will make the Sanctuary really appear.”


Parallel Projects

While the pillars are being built, the electric and hydraulic projects are being assembled in the structures that are already set. There will also be a backfill from the outside which is already being built in order to make the area leveled up to the ground floor square.

The waterproofing of the underground ossuary’s curtains is also being held.

The work of waterproofing in the rainy season helps prevent water from entering the site jeopardizing the structure in the future.

These works started at the beginning of December 2014, just when the rainy season began and should be completed around April 2015.

Environmental Project

Until the work of New Home of the Father is completely finished, many construction materials such as cement, iron, wood and other components required in a work will be used. Water is also a very important and a very necessary element.

Aware of this importance, an environmental project of reforestation of the area around the dam, where the water catchment for the work is, was made out last year. Finalized in November 2014, it consisted of planting 2,200 seedlings of native Cerrado trees.


“It’s a great work and needs our real effort to actually happen. The more people participate in this work actively, praying and working with what the heart inspires, even more the Home of the Father gets ready. We have expectations that people will participate more and that 2015 will be a year of many blessings in this direction”, says Father Robson de Oliveira.

For the pilgrim Emiliano Viana, from Barretos (SP) to be following the construction of the New and Definitive Home of the Father is a great emotion: “It’s so good to see them building a church with such sacrifice, with all the difficulties, but knowing that it will shelter and later give peace and guidance to all of us.”

The devotee Maria Nilza, from Osasco (SP), also said she is pleased with the progress of the construction: “We collaborated a lot and I’m happy to be here, seeing it truly happening. I think everyone should cooperate with a work that makes people feel fulfilled. Father Robson’s work is wonderful.”

Donations to the Cement Campaign can be made through the slips sent in monthly letters of Father Robson de Oliveira or here in the Eternal Father portal, where donations can be made in a completely safe way.


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