Fr Lombardi briefing on opening session of Extraordinary Consistory

The Director of the Holy See Press office, Fr Federico Lombardi briefed journalists […]

ANSA482297_ArticoloThe Director of the Holy See Press office, Fr Federico Lombardi briefed journalists Thursday on the opening session of the Extraordinary Consistory, the meeting of Cardinals over two days before Saturday’s scheduled Ordinary Public Consistory for the creation of new Cardinals.


Father Federico Lombardi began his briefing on Thursday at the Holy See Press Office by telling journalists that 165 Cardinals were attending the Consistory on Saturday with a few more expected to arrive, bring the number to about 170.

Fr Lombardi said the initial meeting of the Extraordinary Consistory focused on the reform of the Curia, with interventions by Cardinal Rodríguez Maradiaga and Bishop Marcello Semeraro, the secretary of the Council of 9 Cardinals.

The Holy See Press Office Director, told the journalists gathered that Bishop Semeraro addressed the Cardinals on the discussions held during several sessions of the meeting of the C-9, speaking to them about the principles that were guiding the Council of Cardinals’ ideas for reform of the Curia and also explaining that the process of reforming the Apostolic Constitution, Pastor Bonus was a complicated one that would take time.

The Cardinals also heard about the plan for two new Congregations, Laity, Family & Life, and a Congregation for Charity, Justice & Peace which would include migrants & refugees, health care & a new office for the safeguarding of creation.

Fr Lombardi also referred to Pope Francis’ address to the College of Cardinals at the opening session of the Extraordinary Consistory, on Thursday morning when he told them that reform of the Curia, “is not an end in itself, but a means to give a strong Christian witness; to promote a more effective evangelization; to promote a more fruitful ecumenical spirit; to encourage a more constructive dialogue with all.”

The College of Cardinals meets again in a closed session on Thursday afternoon and again on Friday.

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