‘Consecrated to the Eternal Father’: a proposal for a renewal of faith

Learn more about the meaning of the theme chosen for the festival in 2015.

NOTICIA-01-MATERIA2-2015-06-06“Consecrated to the Eternal Father” is the theme chosen for the festival of the Divine Eternal Father this year. The proposal is to lead the pilgrim to the renewal of faith based on the Sacraments offered by the Church.

The theme is based on the Apostolic Letter of Pope Francis, which seeks to draw the attention of devotees to understand the true meaning of being consecrated. Guiding religious men and women worldwide, the document shows that every baptized Christian person is consecrated to the Eternal Father through Baptism to exercise his mission of Jesus Christ’s collaborator in the announcement of the plentiful redemption.

“The pilgrim will find a chance for reflection in Trindade, from what we offer in our homilies during the novenas and the Eucharistic celebrations,” said the rector of the Basilica Sanctuary of the Divine Eternal Father, Father Edinisio Pereira.

On each day, a sub-theme will be treated in more depth in the masses and novenas. The first day will be dedicated to the consecration to the Eternal Father through baptism. The second will reflect the Chrism. The consecration in the Church will be presented on the third day. And so it follows, respectively, in order to reflect the Sacraments of Eucharist, Reconciliation, Matrimony, Anointing of the Sick and Mysteries of the Order.

On the ninth day, the celebrations will be in honor of the consecration to Mary. And finally, the day of the big party will propose to the devotees to the consecration to the Eternal Father to proclaim the joy of the Gospel.

The expectation is that the pilgrim can, from the overall theme of the festival and also of subtopics, achieve the realization that they have been called by God to exist in this world and to perform a mission here. “We will help the pilgrim to feed and renew their faith, returning to their origin and becoming a more active person in the environment where they live,” concluded the rector, Father Edinisio.


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