The pilgrim closer to the New House of the Father

During the festival, visit the Chapel of the Cross, next to the construction of the New Sanctuary in Trindade (GO).

NOTICIA-02-MATERIA-2015-06-10Located next to the construction site of the New Basilica of Trindade (GO), the Chapel of the Cross receives pilgrims throughout the year. Moving on site intensifies within ten days of the Divine Eternal Father Pilgrimage. Between June 26 and July 5, devotees are invited to see the construction’s progress. The site is open to visitors between 8am and 6pm.

“The devotee who comes will be able to view the ossuary of the roof slab, which we call underground and will see that all the pillars are already erected,” says civil engineer, Fernando Arcanjo.

 One more step concluded

In June, another phase of construction of the New Home of the Father is being finalized: the construction of the pillars. According to Fernando Arcanjo, 349 pillars were erected within six months. “Every pillar is on the ground floor square in different modules, some of the general body of the church, and others from the neighborhood. They act as if they were our legs, which gives support to our body,” explains the engineer.

For the second half, a new step is about to begin. “We will start the construction of the church’s body. We will work to shape the Basilica,” said Fernando.

Everyone’s cooperation

For the works of the New Home of the Father to continue with good performance, the help of all the sons and daughters of the Father is essential. As true Workers of the Father, each one can donate money values that will be converted into concrete, the most used material in the work.

Donations can be made via the bank slip sent along with the letter from Father Robson de Oliveira to those associated with Afipe, or by the Eternal Father’s portal at the New Sanctuary hotsite.


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