[:en]Organization and Planning[:]

[:en]It is not only the Brazilian authorities that should work on country’s recovery from the crisis, citizens can also help.[:]

[:en]It has been two years that Brazil is experiencing a serious economic crisis and it directly affected the budget of thousands of families. However, it is not necessary to despair, because with organization and planning it is possible to cope safely with this problem.

According to Flávia Campos, a professor from the Faculty of Economics, of the Federal University of Goiás (UFG), the best thing to do at this point is to know exactly how much you are owing and talk to all the members in the house so that everyone do their part in the economy. “The answer is organization, make an expense worksheet, avoid impulse purchase, observe where it is possible to save money and establish small goals for each,” she explained.

After figuring out exactly what the debts are, it is important that each one seeks ways to have more money left at the end of the month. “It is interesting to save energy and water. With small changes in habit, in addition to diminishing expenditure, we manage to preserve the environment,” emphasized Professor Flavia. Some simple tips as to keep appliances unpluged from the outlets when they are not being used, always turn off the lights, turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, check if the taps of the house are not dripping, reuse washing machine water, among other ideas, will make difference in the bills.

Professor Flavia Campos also advises not going to the supermarket hungry and without a calculator; looking for good-quality budget brands; going more often to the supermarket instead of once or twice a month.

“Brazilians still have the habit of purchasing many things to store, this is part of our experience with inflation times when prices changed overnight. Nowadays, the best is to take advantage of sale of meat and vegetables to buy what is necessary for the week,” she exemplified.

For families who are with many debts, for example, credit card bills, it is interesting to start with those with the highest interest rate, even if the value is the lowest. “In the case of credit card interest, it is best to seek sometimes a personal loan to pay the card off because fees are smaller and more affordable,” suggested Flávia.

Where to start?

Many are the requests made to the Divine Eternal Father seeking help to find a job and get rid of debts. However, to receive the blessing it is essential to change the attitude too. Seeking employment every day even if the salary offered is a little lower, not being ashamed to speak to friends and acquaintances about your quest and, of course, put all your effort on the hands of the Eternal Father and believe He will show the right path.

The same goes for when you want to get rid of debts and have a balanced and peaceful financial life. In this case, it is necessary to trust that Jesus will bless, but it is also crucial to have commitment and discipline in managing expenses, so that you can pay off what is owed and, who knows, still have some money at the end of the month. It is important that families always have extra money for emergencies, even  if it is a low value. Saving money gradually makes the difference when something unexpected occurs and this backup ends up being a good option for overhead costs over the year, such as IPVA, IPTU, school materials etc.

“Brazilians are creative and it is always good to seek alternatives to complement income with external works: culinary, handicraft, private lessons, repairs, some work that can be done out of routine and that will be an extra gain,” the professor encouraged. According to her, entrepreneurship, especially small businesses, is something that can directly help the country out of the crisis, because it generates jobs, income as the economy can keep ticking over and growing.


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