[:en]Celebration of hope[:]

[:en]The Cine Theater has special events to celebrate the end of the year with the whole family.[:]

[:en]Christmas is approaching and the Cine Theater Afipe already has a schedule that will thrill children and adults during this very special time. Movies such as “The Nativity Story”, “Journey to the Christmas Star” and “Mickey’s once upon a Christmas” will be ran to evangelize and entertain Trindadians and pilgrims, who visit Trindade (GO), in December.

The audience can already be ready to watch the musical performances that will bring lots of joy, faith, and fun for the entire family. Special attention should be drawn to one more edition of the show “Romaria Sertaneja” which will happen on December 9th, Saturday, at 9 pm, under the command of Fabio Falcão and Fr. Edinisio Pereira, rector of the Sanctuary Basilica of the Divine Eternal Father. On December 10th, Sunday, at 10 pm, there will be a Moonlight Inclusive Band’s concert, which members are the residents of Vila São Cottolengo.

On December 14rd, the theater company “Nada Convencional” (Unconventional) will perform  the play “An inconvenient Christmas”. The play will absolutely entertain and thrill all ages. On December 22, Friday, there will happen an exciting show with Fr. Natalino Martins. “Certainly, the concert will be a time of much prayer and praise to receive the gift that Child Jesus is”, explained the priest.

Music and tradition

This Friday, the 8th, The Cine Theater Afipe will host a very special presentation of students from Dona Sinhá Education Center and Juvenile Community (Ceconj) of Trindade (GO). The Center hosts students of all ages that ranges from 4-year-old children to elders. They participate in various workshops (singing, guitar, choir, keyboard, ballet among others) that are free of charge.

For the Ceconj Coordinator, Ângela Moura, it is a unique opportunity to perform at the Cine Theater. “There is an excellent structure, a wide stage, audio and video resources, and much comfort to the audience”, she said.

According to her, such facilities motivated the students and teachers to create an end-of-the-year presentation even more beautiful. “We are going to perform a musical presentation, in which every moment will be interconnected and each group of students will present a part of the story”, she explained.

The Project’s focus is on the state composers and singers. The goal is to teach the musical tradition of Goias and find new local cultural talents. The presentation of Ceconj’s recital will be at 7:30 pm as well as all the other Cine Theater’s attractions, which are all for free. The complete programming can be found at the website


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