[:en]Brazilian Conference on Religious Tourism took place in Salvador (BA)[:]

[:en]The growth of the sector and its importance to Brazilian economy were discussed at the event.[:]

[:en]Religious tourism is one of the markets that have been growing around the World and in Brazil. The sector generates approximately R$ 15 billion yearly according to a study conducted by the Ministry of Tourism. The study shows that 344 destinations distributed among 96 Brazilian municipalities have a special schedule dedicated exclusively to religious tourism. This activity strengthens economy since thousands of people are continuously received in the cities.

Due its potential, the Pastoral of Tourism of Salvador’s Archdiocese (Pastur) promoted the first edition of the Brazilian Conference on Religious Tourism. Having as theme, Religious Tourism, Sustainable Development and Culture of Peace, the event aimed to discuss the attractiveness of the religious destinations and share knowledge to improve activities in the sector. Pastoral agents, executives, and government and institution representatives attended the conference, that took place in Salvador from 9th to 12th May.

The Eternal Father’s Children Association (Afipe) also attended the conference and had the opportunity to participate in the discussion. It was possible to share experiences and reflection on the perspective and challenges in the area. “There is a need to acknowledge the religious tourism as an agent of development, specifically, sustainable development. Thus, it must be encouraged. Moreover, there are also particular characteristics that need to be discussed in opportunities like this one provided in the conference,” claims Fr. Manoel Filho, the event and Pastur General Coordinator.

The Archbishop of Salvador and vice-president of CNBB, Don Murilo Krieger, attended the Conference as a lecturer. Hhe highlighted the singularities of the religious tourism and the importance of discussion on the theme. “Regarding this subject, the emotion and faith that the pilgrim experiences is more important than the touristic spots. Thus, this conference awakens us to the value of the sector. It shows how worth investing in its development since it is a source of income, consequently important to economy,” he stands.


The City Council representative of Trindade (GO) also attended the conference. According to Talitta Di Martino, President of the local Agency for Tourism, the event allowed to incorporate even more knowledge on the theme. “Sharing information about cities that are inserted in the same tourism is enriching. It is always interesting share experiences to improve our work and seek the best manner to assist pilgrims,” she says.

The businessmen, João Evangelista, who is from Cachoeira Paulista and owns a travel agency focused on religious destinations, agrees with Talitta. “It was a turning point to my business. God above profit is my  motto. The event confirmed how much it is important and guided some activities I intend to implement in my business soon,” he concludes.[:]

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