[:en]Spanish researchers investigate the sound of oxcarts[:]

[:en]They recorded the arrival of ox-cart men to Goiás’ capital of faith and watched the parade.[:]

[:en]This year, two Spanish researchers came especially to record the pilgrimage of oxcart men, a special attraction of the Traditional Feast in Praise to the Divine Eternal Father.

Xabier Erkezia and Luca Rollo study the origin and how the sound emitted by oxcarts was a mean of communication among civilizations in Middle Ages. “We investigate the culture of sounds in societies, especially in ancient societies. We discovered that the sounds of the oxcarts are among the oldest sounds in the history of mankind,” he explained.

Thus, the researchers were looking for cities around the world where oxcarts are still present and found the feast in Trindade (Goiás). “In Europe, we only find scenic oxcarts and they could not move. Then, we traced back the origins of those carts: China, India, Middle East, Egypt (the ancient Egyptians already used such carts for transportation), ancient Rome, Basque Country, Northern Portugal and Brazil, the only place that has a strong oxcart tradition,” said Xabier.

The researchers recorded the arrival of the oxcart men, locally known as “carreiros”, in Trindade and accompanied the parade on Thursday morning, 28, to continue conducting their study. “In our view, Trindade is the last phase of our research. There are records 6000 years ago. Here, we made the audio capture of a mode of transport that has passed over generations throughout the world,” concluded the researcher.

Brazilian Cultural Heritage

In 2017, the Oxcarts Pilgrimage of the Divine Eternal Father’s Feast was recognized as a Brazilian Cultural Heritage by the “Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional” (Iphan). As it is a cultural reference and representation of rural life, the Advisory Board of Cultural Heritage Agency unanimously approved the registration of the religious celebration as intangible heritage. Last year, the certificate granted by Iphan was delivered at the square of the Sanctuary Basilica during a mass dedicated to the “carreiros”.

The oxcart men, who delivered a petition with almost 5000 signatures, requested the acknowledgement. After analyzing the petition, Iphan acknowledged the strength and persistence of the tradition. The Feast had been resisting time and recalls the manner simple people attend the feast of the Eternal Father since its beginning.[:]

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