Father Robson de Oliveira reassume rectory of the Shrine of Trindade

Such change is the result from the new formation of the Provincial Government for the next four years.

After four years as the Redemptorist Provincial Superior of Goiás, Fr. Robson de Oliveira returns to the rectory of the  Shrine of the Divine Eternal Father in Trindade (GO). Such change is the result of the new formation of the Provincial government for the next four years, 2019-2022.

The rectory has been under the responsibility of the Redemptorist missionary for 11 years. “It is with great joy that I will once again receive the mission of being at the head of the Shrine of the Divine Eternal Father. Pray that the Eternal Father always continue to guide me, ” said Fr. Robson.

Born and raised in Trindade (GO), he entered the seminary at the age of 14 and began his journey  to be a sower of the word and love of the Divine Eternal Father. He became a priest at the age of 24 and has been a member of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer.

After being ordained, the Redemptorist missionary worked in Vocational Pastoral and contributed to the formation of young people for religious life in the seminary. He went to Ireland and then to Rome, where he obtained a master’s degree in Moral Theology from the Vatican University. In 2003, he returned to his homeland to take over the rectory of the Shrine of the Divine Eternal Father. In 2004, Fr. Robson founded The Eternal Father’s Children Association (Afipe) and since then, the centenary devotion has gained a new breath, reaching millions of devotees throughout Brazil.

Father Robson has been the Redemptorist Provincial superior of Goiás since 2015. His story has always been marked by the dream of spreading devotion to the Divine Eternal Father. In order to make this possible, he sought space in the media.

Daily, he prays the Novena of the Eternal Father’s Children, the Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help and the Holy Rosary of the Eternal Father’s Children, besides celebrating masses at Sanctuary which are broadcast by RedeVida and other local TVs stations. The Novenas are broadcast to several Brazilian cities through the Eternal Father Radio. The priest also carries out his evangelistic work through the internet, on his official Facebook pages (facebook.com/Pe.RobsonOliveira); Instagram (@padrerobsonoliveira); and Twitter (@PadreRobson). Through Afipe, institution founded and directed by Fr. Robson, He rceives thousands of testimonies of conversions and blessings from different regions from the country.

Another outstanding accomplishment of his mission was the initiative to take the Divine Eternal Father Pilgrim Image to the dioceses in Brazil. Traveling to different localities, Fr. Robson met millions of devotees in about 180 visits. In addition, in 2010, Fr. Robson’s CD “In the Father’s Arms”, was released by the record company Som Livre. With lectures and prayers on topics that touches the heart of human life, the priest and his team have won the affection of people from every corner of Brazil.










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