Candles of faith: the most viewed page at the Eternal Father’s website

Your candle lasts nine days and represents the ressurected Christ’s light Say your prayers!

The Eternal Father website was launched in January 2014. Since then, the “candles of faith” page is the most viewed one by the Divine Eternal Father’s devotees, who together form a great chain of prayer throughout the world. Candles are used as a symbol of God’s light in our lives. It is a manner of feeling God’s protection and express our faith.

In the Eternal Father website, the devotees can lit a candle for a particular purpose. Each candle lasts for nine days. Thus, the devotees can raise their prayer to the Divine Eternal Father. It is extrmely easy to access it. You just need to click on “Prayer”, then on Candles of the faith, or even on the bookmark bar, at the website home page. After opening the page up, just click on “Lit a candle”, then write the intention, name, city and state.

After nine days, the candle goes out automatically and new intentions can be submitted by repeating the procedure at the website. Fr. Jesus Flores, a Redemptorist missionary, explained the religious significance of candles: “Candles originally had a practical function. There was no other kind of lighting, the only type of lighting were candles or other similar objects. After that, it became to mean the light that comes from Jesus Christ, which is the light of the world. When we light the candles, we remember Christ, the light of the world that illuminates mankind, as well as those who are called,” he said.

Every day more than 13,000 candles are lit here. “When I lit a virtual candle I am symbolically saying that this candle will accompany a complete novena of the Divine Eternal Father. That is why it lasts nine days. The actual one is not always like that. Thus, there is a reason for someone who lits a candle, be it material or virtual. The meaning is the same. Acknowledge God and a life enlightened by him”, concluded Fr. Walteir. Gonçalves Magalhães, Redemptorist Missionary.

The housewife Goianita Lemos told us that she is used to litting candles and saying her prayers for family and friends. In addition to the physical candle, she also always lits a virtual one.  “My goal is for faith. Light illuminates everything. If people had more faith, the world would not be as hard as it is,” she said.



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