“The Eternal Father is Almighty,” says devotee

Couple testifies blessings received in the life of the whole family. Check it out!

The couple Ludovico Skalinski and Vera Lucia Skalinski live in Imbituva (PR) and have been to the Shrine of the Divine Eternal Father in Trindade (GO) to testify and thank for so many blessings already received. “The greatest joy of my life is to be here. I always want to come back and I always want to come with prayer and with all the faith, joy and love of my life”, said Vera Lucia.

The couple is an example that the Love Of The Eternal Father really moves mountains and provides great graces. They traveled more than 1.2 thousand kilometers to get to the Father’s House and fulfill a vow. “Our grandson was born. He seemed to be a healthy child until he was one year old, but then he began to have fever, urinary infection, and the doctor in Imbituva did not know what was the matter with him. We went to Ponta Grossa, he took emergency tests, and we found that he had one of his  kidneys’ canal clogged. There was some water accumulation and it was inflamed. The infection was reaching the bladder. So, my daughter took the novena’s water and when it was time to prepare the baby bottle she would put the water to do his formula. We did the novena, prayed to the Eternal Father. I promised, I asked the Eternal Father for the cure of my grandson’s kidney. That is why I came here. My grandson had the surgery and has been cured. He has nothing else, the kidney works. It is perfect! He is growing up and now is already four. I came in here on my knees just to thank,” Vera Lúcia Skalinski said.

Devotion in my family began when we had to face a battle. “In 2012 I had a stroke and there were no medical resources in the city I live. The doctor told my daughter that I could not listen and walk and that I would not get out of bed ever again. My daughters cried a lot. They gathered with the the family and my sisters sent a prayer request to Afipe asking Fr. Robson for prayers. I was in a coma for 20 days, and I left the hospital walking and talking. I immediately turned on the TV, looked for the novena with Fr. Robson and since then I have started to participate in everything,” the devotee added.

Another grace received in the family life happened to one the couple’s daughters. “Our daughter had been married for four years and could not get pregnant. We started doing the novena for her, and soon  she was not feeling well. When she went to take some tests she was already pregnant. It was a miracle of God,” said Ludovico.

Faith changes any anguished heart and strengthens devotees. ”To me, The Eternal Father is the Almighty, He is the doctor of the doctors, He is the Comforter, the peace, He is a blessing, He is all the best”, said Vera Lucia. As a faithful devotee of the Eternal Father, Ludovico left a piece of advice: “have faith that it is possible to achieve everything through The Divine Eternal Father. He is powerful, He saves, He heals, He assists, He helps. There is no other way. He is the only one who can solve the problem.”


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