To evangelize. This is what drives the work of Afipe. Thinking of taking the Father’s love to the greatest number of people, an experiment was conducted to evangelization through TV, through radio waves and internet. Today, devotees who for some reason cannot go to Trindade (GO) have the possibility to follow the masses, novenas, rosaries and programs.

Every day devotees from all over the world are remembered in our prayers. Daily the Carmelite Sisters who live in Carmelo in Trindade, pray for devotees of the Divine Eternal Father. In Afipe, the Sisters of the Plentiful Redemption also play a fundamental role receiving the intentions.


Through agreements, Afipe maintains the firm purpose of evangelization, contributing financially to the maintenance of churches and pastoral work. In order to provide continuity of the actions developed by the Redemptorists, Afipe contributes financially to the work of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, in the Province of Goiás.

Afipe also contributes to the maintenance of the Sanctuary Basilica, seeking the best reception to the devotees of the Divine Eternal Father that every year visit the Holy House. Still aiming to evangelize, the covenant is made with the Archdiocese of Goiânia.

Social Works 

The Social Construction is an example of social work and the evangelizing mission of the Association Children of the Eternal Father (Afipe). Every day, thousands of people from low-income or social vulnerability are benefited by projects developed thanks to donations received from devotees.

There are actions promoted by works maintained or supported by Afipe: care for needy families; human development, construction and renovation of community centers, dental and psychological assistance, educational workshop, combat and prevention of drug use, aid to studies of youngsters with low income, reception to the elderly and vocational courses.

In all, the love of the Eternal Father is present through the solidarity of devotees, volunteers, employees and Redemptorists.

Always facing the socially weakened, the social work exerciseevery day the work of cultivation of faith, spirituality, rights and social responsibilities associated with access to education, health, culture, sport, leisure and food.