Created in January 2012, the Educational Center for Training and Support for Minor (CECAM) is one of the Redemptorists social works supported by the Association of Children Eternal Father (Afipe). Located in Trindade (GO) it provides the integration of children and adolescents from 10 to 17 years in situation of risk.

The primary mission is to prevent drug use, and mediation of preventive education for young, aiming at raising awareness and cultivating faith, spirituality and the need to awaken human values, respect for others and guarantee social rights to the less fortunate.

The idea of creating the center came from the community and from the needs of children and adolescents. Early on, the project was embraced by the Redemptorist Congregation, which provided the physical structure so it could happen. Currently it serves approximately 120 students.

In CECAM, students are enrolled in the afterschool period. Three meals and three different workshops are offered daily: soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, capoeira, board games, theater, music, crafts and educational support and tutoring, and English, providing knowledge and leisure for young people. Also, the center regularly offers lectures about preventing drug use, in partnership with the Civil Police of the state of Goiás and local prosecutors.

Projects carried out in parallel also provide different experiences. Among them, growing vegetables, SESC Soccer Cup, crafts, flute course with local performances, gymnastics for the local community and the achievement of the Regional Conference on Drug Abuse.


In 2014, the CECAM started to work in a new space, which is adjacent to another Redemptorist Social Work, the Eternal Father Social Center (CESPE) in Trindade, in Sector Samara. The space will feature an indoor sports court, swimming pool, auditorium and appropriate rooms for the courses.

The goal is to offer more comfort to the adolescents, providing more space for the activities. With the improvement in structure, youngsters from CESPE will be benefit as they can also participate in activities that CECAM offers.

Similarly, young people treated at CECAM can also take advantage of the physical structure and the services provided by CESPE such as educational activities, psychological and social support, in addition to painting classes, crafts, theater, music, capoeira, sewing and computer classes.