Centro Social do Pai Eterno - Cespe

Maintained since January 2004 by the Redemptorist Congregation, by the Sanctuary Basilica and Afipe, the Social Center of the Eternal Father (CESPE) serves hundreds of children between 3 and 12 years of age, from Monday to Friday. Focused on family care and psychosocial development and evangelization of the children, the institution offers from monitoring with recreational and educational activities to medical and dental care.

The projects developed by CESPE aims to strengthen social and family ties, always trying to bring families closer to the center, that enables the strengthening of citizenship and the promotion of human dignity.

CESPE, located in the northern part of Trindade (GO), provides the necessary support to dozens of parents with low purchasing power, that require an appropriate place to leave their children during the working hours.


CESPE is divided into wards, with activity rooms, playroom with reading corner, administration, medical and dental offices, kitchen, cleaning services, playground and soccer field. Trained professionals operate in infant juvenile protection.


The educational activities of the center are divided by age groups. The unit offers, among others, visits, educational, psychological and social support. It also forwards situations related to child and family development to other areas when necessary.

As it works in afterschool, the center provides four balanced meals. The institution provides a different reality for many children, and it offers painting, crafts, drama and music and capoeira classes, and workshops and training courses available to parents and to the surrounding community. Currently, sewing and computer classes are offered weekly.

Since 2014, the people served in CESPE are contemplated with the activities offered at the Education Center of Support and Training to the Minor. That’s because the new headquarters of CECAM began to run alongside, and the structure has an indoor sports court, swimming pool, auditorium and appropriate rooms for the courses.