Plenteous Redemption

AFIPE - Copiosa Redenção

The Pious Union of the Sisters of Plenteous Redemption, which appeared in Ponta Grossa (Paraná, Brazil), was founded by Father Wilton Moraes Lopes C.Ss.R. and has the charisma of the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and the recovering of drug addicts. In the house that shelters the Sisters of the Plenteous Redemption in Trindade (GO), Community Father Pelagius, there are seven Sisters. They help in the work of the secretariat of the Sanctuary Basilica, in social actions and the Association of Children of the Eternal Father (Afipe).

In Afipe, they are part of the mailing team, which aims to facilitate the reception and dispatch of letters addressed to Father Robson, as well as e-mails and messages sent by the website. Nevertheless, the Sisters forward to the Carmel of Trindade and to the Sanctuary Basilica of the Eternal Father, the prayer requests and intentions that are deposited in bowls of intent in the novenas broadcast studio or at the altar where the daily Masses are celebrated.