About Afipe

The Association Children of the Eternal Father (Afipe) was born from the dream of the rector of the Sanctuary Basilica, Father Robson de Oliveira, to gather the largest possible number of Catholics and devotees, with the purpose of providing assistance in living the faith and propagate devotion to the Divine Eternal Father. Afipe starts action in May 2004, and now has a staff ready to meet the sons and daughters of the Eternal Father.

The developed works have contributed to the maturing of faith of thousands of families who have had their lives renewed in personal and community commitment, and especially the Christian life practice. Donations received are geared towards evangelization through TV, social work and the construction of the new and final home of the Father in Trindade (GO).

Through spontaneous and faithful donation of each devotee it has been possible to mount a television structure including a producer, to transmit the celebrations of the Sanctuary Basilica, the daily Novenas and the Divine Eternal Father and Perpetual Help, and the Holy Rosary of the Children of the Eternal Father, the Eternal Father Program, all broadcasted live.

The Association also supports social projects that aim to accommodate children, adolescents, and young adults in situations of social vulnerability, providing these people and their families with greater integration with society, and evangelizing them.

Donations from devotees are also directed to the achievement of improvements in the physical structure of the Sanctuary Basilica, and now another target: the construction of the new sanctuary.

Why join?

The main objective of Afipe is to enable the expansion of the Love of the Eternal Father throughout Brazil. When joining, the devotee collaborates with evangelization through media, social work and the construction of the new and final home of the Father. In addition to the registration, the person takes it upon oneself to carry on the mission of the father’s Love, in the evangelizing work, spreading it to all the people.

The associated devotee receives a letter of spiritual nature in a monthly basis, written by Father Robson, for reading and personal prayer. The post also contains testimonies and sporadic giveaways, including a registration form, so that the associated invites relatives and friends to become members of this family of love. The letter also reserves a space for the devotee to write their intentions, which are resent to Afipe, and then directed to the Masses in the Sanctuary and elevated to the heart of the Eternal Father.