Acquaintanceship Center

Centro de Convivência

The Living Center Our Lady of Perpetual Help was born in 2005 with the goal of providing a space that offers the best quality of life for the elderly, leading them to a healthy relationship and deepening the bonds of friendship.

Located in Goiânia (GO), the Center provides citizen education, respect and fight for the dignity of people with older age in our country. The service is aimed at people over 55 years old.

In 2010, the center began to be taken care of by the Redemptorists and today it also receives financial support from the Association of Children Eternal Father (Afipe). Currently, it is under the coordination of the Missionary Sisters Mother of God, in the person of Sister Margarida Aparecida Pereira, who has done the job of reception and offered true citizen education.

In the Living Center, the elderly count with manual and physical activities performed by the work of volunteers every day. Among the activities we can cite aerobics, computing, fabric painting, biscuit, medical consultation, haircut, massage therapy, embroidery, crochet, crafts, and others.

Today, the Family Center serves approximately 100 people distributed in both periods. Seniors choose which days and times they wish to participate and which activities they want to do. The activities are a channel for coexistence, for the growth of faith, self-esteem and also a therapy. Moreover, they find acceptance, love and learn and teach the art of living and coexisting well.

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