Centro Social Redentorista

reated in October of 1992 the Redemptorist Social Centre (CSR) is the dream come true of the Brother Sebastião Camargos, a Redemptorist Missionary who, touched by the reality of the children of district Pontakayana in Trindade (GO), decided to develop on the site a project of a home to offer educational, moral and social care. In 2002 the then Children’s House was taken over by the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer of Goiás and became known by the current name. The CSR is also one of the entities that receive the support of the Association of Children Eternal Father (Afipe).


The organization currently serves 180 children at risk between 3 and 12 years of age. The mission of CSR is to embrace these children and adolescents, offering human, cultural, religious and professional training, promoting human and social development, seeking improvements to their families.

The activities developed in the institution are complementary to those developed in school. Students have reading, tutoring, computer classes, religious study, and fabric painting workshop, guitar lessons, choir, theater, dance, judo and football, and leisure activities, all designed with the help of volunteers.

The CSR also develops special projects like “Project sowing dream and peace, harvesting love and joy”, “Healthy eating, for a more colorful life”, “Hand in hand with imagination”, “Hygiene is the true education of the body” and “A different Day”.

“Women creating art, weaving life”

And not only children and adolescents are benefit by the center. Mothers also have a placeholder in the project “Women creating art, weaving life”, which brings together women from the community. Most of them have children attending the CSR.

They learn techniques and develop art crafts that can be sold to help in the household income. More than an activity that can even bring profitability to the participants, the project works as therapy.

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