• 1 - What is the minimum amount to join?

    There is no stipulated value. You determine the value of the donation.

  • 2 - Is there the option of direct debit?

    Yes, but only for customers for  Brazil. To learn the necessary procedures, you must contact our Customer Service: (62) 3506 9800.

  • 3 - Where to pay the billet?

    Preferably in the lottery, but it can be done throughout the banking network in Brazil.

  • 4 - What is the due date?

    The date on the billet is the last business day of the month, but you can pay it on any day of your choice.

  • 5 - Is it safe to register on this website?

    Yes, our website is secure and has a system of data protection.

  • 6 - What are the other options for signing up?

    You can contact Afipe by letter or telephone: Children Association of the Eternal Father CEP 74001-970. PO Box 28. Goiânia – GO – Brazil. Phone: +55 (62) 3506-9800. The registration can also be done at the Sanctuary Basilica, in Trindade, Goiás, Brazil.

  • 7 - What is PayPal?

    PayPal is a system that allows the devotees to make their donations via credit card or bank account. It is ideal for those who live outside of Brazil and still want to be a part of this loving family. Here your information is completely secure.

  • 8 - How to tune in to Eternal Father TV?

    (Português) Assuming that you have a TV with a built-in digital tuner, check whether the installation of an external antenna is still necessary. Even if your TV can capture some digital channels, the use of an external antenna can both improve the reception of such channels, and tune other channels with ”weak” TV signal. This varies from region to region.

  • 9 - How to tune in on cable TV?

    (Português) Depends on your provider. You can access the link and search for the company from which you contracted the service.Depends on your provider. You can access the link and search for the company from which you contracted the service.

  • 10 - How to tune into Eternal Father TV with satellite dish?

    (Português) STAR ONE C2 SATELLITE – C BAND

    Orbital Position: 70°W

    Video: 711

    Audio: 431

    PCR: 711

    Frequency 3.665 MHz

    Horizontal polarisation

    Symbol rate: 3818

    FEC ¾

    Azimuth and elevation will depend on geographical location.

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