The Privacy Policy of the Eternal Father Portal ( with its extensions through the hotsites and other online tools, explains how the information coming to the Association of Sons of the Eternal Father (Afipe) are managed with the only purpose of evangelization. The data is received, spontaneously, direct and consciously, by completing and updating records, sending statements and intentions, lighting the Candles of the Faith, newsletter requests, sent emails with suggestions and/or questions solutions, by telephone and by providing direct services to the member.

Since its founding, Afipe meets the strict security policy to preserve the privacy and protect the personality of its members. As an evangelizing work, the purpose is to provide assistance in living the faith and propagate the devotion to the Divine Eternal Father and the Sanctuary Basilica of Trindade (GO).

Information associated

The data provided is preserved, protecting the devotees who trusted the Association of Children of the Eternal Father. This ensures the fair and essential inviolability. Afipe is responsible solely for the information arranged in its system and do not have any authorization, justification or intent to pass them on to third parties.

Eventually, Afipe conducts campaigns in order to intensify the purpose of evangelization. Thus, again, the data is used so that all members may have knowledge of the actions developed. This, however, does not imply the dissemination of the information provided by the devotees, remaining restricted and confidential.


With the various tools used to capture the information, all content is stored in a database and its use is restricted to Afipe. Thereby maintaining complete privacy, security and confidentiality, preventing their misuse. Thus, to meet the provisions of the Law 12,965, approved by the Brazilian President on April 23rd, 2014, which establishes principles, guarantees, rights and duties for the use of the Internet in Brazil.

With the knowledge of the legal implications arising therefrom, the data is used only for the monthly evangelizing letter or other communications, such as newsletters and institutional campaigns, according to the order signed by the parties, namely: evangelization. In the specific case of the newsletter, the user can choose receiving the information at any time, simply and directly.


The Eternal Father portal is protected by the law of copyright. All content posted is for the exclusive use of Afipe. However, it may be used by third parties, with appropriate references. Images, trademarks and logos displayed on the site are the exclusive property of the Association of Children of the Eternal Father and can not be used without prior authorization in writing and signed by the specific department.


Afipe is responsible for everything that is produced to be released in the Eternal Father portal and therefore guarantees the quality and credibility of that content. To that end, modifications and changes may happen in case of updating, maintaining the essence of the message conveyed. This can be done at any time, without notice. However, the content displayed on sites, suggested links and other sources in the portal are not the responsibility of the Association. Thus, we recommend the knowledge of the privacy statements of each of these sites.


The information content published on the portal and other online tools offer greater interactivity and offer knowledge of user interests’ issues, with the main purpose of evangelizing through the communicative resources currently used.

The guarantee of protection of the information sent by the associated Afipe makes communication between the parties, through the Internet, a safe, transparent, efficient, and customized experience.

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