Romaria do Divino Pai Eterno de 2017

The Divine Father Eternal Pilgrimage 2017 was held between June 23rd and July 2nd. According to the balance sheet made by the Military Police, along with the Fire Corps and the Basilica Sanctuary of Trindade, approximately 2.9 million of people went to the Capital of faith of Goiás during the ten days of festivities, surpassing expectations. In 2016, the final balance sheet was 2.7 million during the same period.

This year’s theme was “Mary: Humble and Faithful servant to the Eternal Father,”. It was inspired on the celebration of the Marian National year proclaimed by the National Conference of the Bishops of Brazil (CNBB), in commemoration of the 300 years of the encounter of the image of Our Lady Aparecida in the Paraíba river, São Paulo. The choice was also in tune with the church worldwide, which celebrated in May the centenary of the apparition of Our Lady to the three shepherds, in Fatima, Portugal.

The pilgrimage is a moment of faith and gratitude, when thousands of devotees come from all over Brazil to leave their homage to the Divine Eternal Father. Over the ten days, there were 115 masses, 45 novenas, 11 processions and 30 prayers of the Rosary, in addition to daybreaks, vigils, hundreds of baptisms and thousands of confessions. Celebrations were held, hourly, at both the Basilica Sanctuary and the main church to meet the demand of the feast. Priests and believers from all over Brazil collaborated on the celebrations.

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