Delivery, devotion and faith. So it can be described the Pilgrimage of the Divine Eternal Father, the largest festival dedicated to the first person of the Trinity in the world. This makes the capital of faith in Goiás a unique and sacred place, full of blessings and graces bestowed by the Father of heaven.
Since the discovery of the locket, around 1840, the devotees of the Divine Eternal Father have come from various places with one destination: The Basilica Sanctuary of the Divine Eternal Father. A place of peace where the faithful seek a meaning in life, a pain relief and also come to thank for the graces received.


The Celebration

The day of the great Celebration of the Divine Eternal Father is the first Sunday of July every year. During the nine days that precede, masses and novenas are held; reception paths to the Divine Eternal Father (procession of bullock carts), revelers, drovers, and other devotees; youth gatherings and couples occur.

Altogether, about 100 Masses and over 46 novenas are held, and processions, baptisms, vigils, sunrises and confessions. Over 2.5 million people pass through the Pilgrimage during the ten days of the event, and many others make visits throughout the year.

Many devotees run or walk the path between the cities of Goiânia and Trindade, about 17 km, as a form of paying promises, requesting graces and thanking for blessings achieved. Pilgrims also depart from other cities and states.


Around 170 years ago, Constantino Xavier went to Pirenópolis (GO), more than 120 km away from Trindade, to order a full size replica of the figure in the medallion he found. However, instead of the replica, the artist Veiga Valle made a picture of approximately 30 cm. With no money to pay for the wonderful work, Constantino left his own horse in exchange for the image itself, and walked his way back to Trindade. He was then received by the whole city with party. At this time, the reason for the annual pilgrimage to the Sanctuary arises.


The city of Trindade is today one of the largest religious tourist spots in the country and one of the Brazilian cities that most attract pilgrims. Devotion to the Divine Eternal Father, which has existed for over 170 years, was born, consolidated and grown from Goiás. Thus, there is a strengthening of the own history of Goias and also of the tradition that has reached the whole country. Trindade presents at national and international levels, the culture, religion, and attractive potential of the state.

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