Pilgrimage of the Divine Eternal Father of 2015

Moved by faith and emotion, 2.8 million devotees, according to the military police, left their homes and families and went on pilgrimage to the meeting of brothers during the festival in praise of the Divine Eternal Father 2015, in Trindade, the Capital of the Faith of Goiás. Celebrating together the joy of being brothers and sisters, believers experienced this year’s theme, “Consecrated to the Eternal Father”, participating in many moments of reflection and prayer.

There were over a hundred Masses and dozens of novenas, processions and prayers of the rosary. The pilgrims also attended dawns, vigils, baptisms and confessions. Priests and religious people from various parts of the country were present collaborating in the celebrations.

The Solemn Mass of the Pilgrimage in 2015, held on the 5 of july, was chaired by the Pontifical Commission for Latin America advisor and apostolic former nuncio in Brazil, Cardinal Bishop of Rome Lorenzo Baldisseri.

After the celebration, following Father Robson de Oliveira, Dom Lorenzo fulfilled agenda in the Capital of the Faith of Goiás, with visits to the Carmel of Trindade and the construction site of the New Sanctuary, with a blessing to the building.

TV Pai Eterno