Oh Mother of Perpetual Help,
before Thy gracious look,
I stand humbly
resorting as a child
to Your Maternal goodness.

You are my refuge and hope
and protection.

Graciously hear, Oh Queen, the desire I have
to possess Eternal Love,
the grace of God the Father,
Salvation for my soul
and for those to whom I beg.

Give me the grace to always follow Jesus
the children in the family
the Divine Eternal Father,
the virtues and holiness of life.

Receive, Oh Holy Queen,
my prayers and needs,
raising my heart to your Son,
My Lord and Redeemer.

I consecrate to Thee my eyes that
be the lamp of my soul,
my ears so they are always
attentive to the calls of the Gospel,
My mouth always proclaim
you are the light of my life.

I consecrate to you, Oh Incomparable Mother,
my joy and my pain,
my mind and heart,
my life and my death
the desire of endless eternity.

I consecrate my whole being to you,
Oh Mother of Perpetual Help,
Loading up my cross
And refraining from all evil.


TV Pai Eterno