Father Robson de Oliveira, C.Ss.R. – Provincial Superior

Father Robson de Oliveira Pereira is a member of the Most Holy Redeemer Congregation. On January 3, 2015, he took over the provincial superior function of the Redemptorists in Goiás. He remains as the founding president of the Association of Children of the Eternal Father (Afipe) since 2004. He was rector of the Divine Eternal Father Basilica Shrine for 11 years.

Born in Trindade (Goiás, Brazil), on April 26, 1974. He has entered the seminary at 14 years old, becoming a priest at age 24. After holding work in Vocation Ministry and training of young people for religious life in the seminary, he went to Ireland and then to Rome, where he had a master’s degree in Moral Theology from the University of the Vatican.

Returning from Rome in 2003 he became rector of the Shrine Basilica. During this period, he felt the need to expand the diffusion of devotion to the Divine Eternal Father and, therefore, sought spaces in the media.

He prays the Novena of the Children of the Eternal Father, the Novena of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and the Holy Rosary of the Children of the Eternal Father and celebrates transmitted Sanctuary masses, shown nationally by RedeVida television, and other local stations. On the radio, the Novenas will on air on the Eternal Father Network, covering several Brazilian cities.

Also as an evangelizing work, he took the tour of the Pilgrim Image of the Divine Eternal Father to the country’s dioceses. Going through different locations, he met millions of devotees around 150 visits. In addition, in 2010, he released the CD “In the Arms of the Father”, with Som Livre label.

With sermons and prayers on issues that affect the core of human life, the priest and his team won the affection of people from all over the country. Loved by many Catholics, Father Robson, who is also well-liked by evangelicals, receives thousands of conversions of testimony and graces coming from different regions of Brazil and also from other countries.

It’s all part of evangelization project carried out by the Association of Children of the Eternal Father (Afipe), founded by Father Robson, with the purpose of providing assistance in living the faith and propagate the devotion to the Eternal Father.


Father Jesus Flores, Extraordinary Counselor; Father Domingos Cardozo, Ordinary Counselor; Father Elismar Alves, Ordinary Counselor; Father Robson de Oliveira, Provincial Superior; Father Paulo Cézar Nunes, Provincial Vicar; Father João Otávio Martins, Ordinary Counselor; Father Antônio Gomes, Extraordinary Counselor.

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