Pilgrimage of the Divine Eternal Father of 2011

The theme of the Pilgrimage in 2011 was “In the Name of the Father”. The festival received, according to official data from the Military Police, 2 million and 530 thousand devotees. The festival was marked by the launch of the Cornerstone of the New Sanctuary, and 30,000 pilgrims attended the ceremony.

The stone was built of granite and was buried where the altar will stay. On it it is written the Latin phrase “In Sinv Aeterni Patris” which means: “In the bosom of the Eternal Father”, and the date of July 2 in Roman numerals.

Relics of various saints of the Catholic Church, the edition of two newspapers of the day, a newspaper of the Pilgrimage 2011, the design and model of the New Sanctuary and the Image of the Divine Eternal Father were placed inside the stone. There was also the time when religious authorities gave their signatures to the document of conclusion.

TV Pai Eterno