Pilgrimage of the Divine Eternal Father, 2016

The Pilgrimage of 2016 was marked by a strong sense of faith and surrender to the love of the Divine Eternal Father; about 2.7 million devotees passed through Trindade, State of Goias, to leave their gratitude to the Father. With the theme “The Eternal Father is merciful”, the pilgrims were invited to bethink on the great mercy of the Divine Eternal Father and also to have a merciful heart towards all, especially the most needed.

Over the 10-day festival, the program was divided between the Main Church and the Sanctuary Basilica: there were 115 masses, 45 novenas, 11 processions and 30 prayers of the rosary. In addition, the devotees could participate in the dawn prayers, getting to start the day in the presence of the Eternal Father. The pilgrims were also able to leave their signatures to the petition that asks Pope Francis to come to know the devotion in Trindade and bless the sons and daughters of the Eternal Father, and also to see the works of the New Sanctuary. They took the opportunity to take a picture with the Pope’s full size representation.

Another highlight of the pilgrimage in 2016 was the openning of the Cineteatro Afipe activities in Trindade, which offered a specially prepared program so that the sons and daughters of the Eternal Father could enjoy this beautiful festival in praise of the Divine Eternal Father even better. There was na exhibition of religious films, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, preachings and musical performances. All with free admission.

To end with a high note and a lot of faith, there was a Solemn Mass of the Feast on Sunday, with the presence of ecclesiastical and political authorities. The Apostolic Nuncio in Brazil, Archbishop Giovanni D’Aniello, presided over the celebration and during the homily said he was thrilled to see the pilgrims’ love and faith of the Eternal Father, who spared no efforts at all in order to be in the Home of the Father.

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