Papal appeal for protection of child migrants gathers pace

Following Pope Francis’ appeal to regional governments in Central America to act to […]

AP2491862_ArticoloFollowing Pope Francis’ appeal to regional governments in Central America to act to protect unaccompanied emigrant children, the Government of El Salvador has launched a campaign to warn parents not to send their children unaccompanied to try and illegally reach the United States.

James Blears reports on the details of the campaign which highlights the very real life threatening dangers.

The nationwide awareness campaign throughout El Salvador, starkly issues a warning concerning the grave risks of undocumented children migrating, especially those who are unaccompanied. The graphic slogan reads quote: “Don’t put their lives at risk!”

This campaign is not just confined to El Salvador. It’s also being extended to Texas, California and Washington. These geographical locations have the highest concentration of El Salvadorian communities.

Phase two takes this campaign to schools, churches and migrant communities. The long term aim is to try and convince the people of El Salvador to stay home.

Every year thousands of undocumented Central American migrants permanently vanish while trying to traverse Mexico, on thier way to the United States. Many fall victim to waiting drug cartels.

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