Holy See issues a plea for peace to embassies

In an effort to promote peace, The Vatican Secretary of State issued a […]

AFP3421552_ArticoloIn an effort to promote peace, The Vatican Secretary of State issued a “nota verbale” to all the embassies accredited to the Holy See. This statement included the texts of Pope Francis’ most recent addresses that called for peace, particularly in the Middle East.

Mgr Dominique Mamberti explained to Vatican Radio how the Holy See on various levels have expressed its closeness to the current situation in the Middle East. The Holy Father has demonstrated his concern for the families in Mosul, inviting the world to pray for them. He has also contacted personally the Chaldean and Syrian Patriarchs, encouraging their pastors and flock to be strong in hope.

Concretely, the Holy Father has sent financial help to families through the Pontifical Council Cor Unum.

Mgr Mamberti, in explaining the “nota verbale” initiative of the Holy See, stressed how much the situation in the Middle East touches on the violation of human rights. With this gesture, the Holy See asks the international community to take the question of peace to heart.

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