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The creation of a province in the midwestern region of Brazil began to be discussed in 1990. The postulate was approved at a meeting of the Vice Province of Brasilia, held in San Francisco Institute in Goiânia (GO). The process was long and bureaucratic. Since 1993, the dialogue for the establishment of the new unit was resumed, considering the will of the majority of the members and also the maturity of the group. The following year, Father Juan Lasso de la Vega, former Superior General of the Congregation, Father Fabio Bento announced the then Vice-Provincial Superior, the date of the canonical installation of the new Province of Goiás: December 11, 1994.

Currently, the Redemptorists work in different parishes and communities. In a special way, they take care of the Basilica Sanctuary and the Parish of the Divine Eternal Father (Old Sanctuary), announce the Gospel to thousands of faithful, attend confessions, perform christenings, take care of social work and welcome the diverse people seeking assistance.

The Province of Goiás is formed by 87 confreres (64 Fathers, 9 Brothers, 14 juniors in theology), and 52 students in aspirants, postulants and introductory. The Redemptorists work in communities of Goiás, Tocantins, Mato Grosso and the Federal District, in addition to acting in the cities of Manaus (AM) and Natal (RN).

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